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Detecting eye disease

OCT scanning revolutionises eye disease diagnosis

OCT scanning from Glasgow experts

Hyndsight Opticians Ltd offers a revolutionary eye screening method called OCT scanning. Through this method, early signs of eye disease can be detected. This allows for doctors to begin treatment early, and for the right prescriptions to be made specifically for your eyes.


Similar to ultrasound, OCT screening allows for the detection of problems like diabetes, and much more. It's more than just an eye test, it's a health test.

Affordable rates for all

With our commitment to both NHS and private health care, we can offer affordable rates on all eye tests. Want to find out more? Call our team on 0141 357 5667, and find out how you can benefit from this eye screening revolution.

Two practices

You can access this form of eye test at both of our practices, Bellshill and Glasgow.